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How does the Humanity app work?

Humanity is the #1 holistic health and longevity App, powered by GenAI, backed by science.
The app monitors your Rate of Aging and Biological Age and guides you to slow it down, and even reverse it.

Daily Humanity Score

Enjoy a daily metric that informs you of your progress and rewards every holistic health action you make throughout the day.

It even guides you on what actions you should take next to have the biggest impact.

My Aging

See what impact the actions you are taking are having on your Rate of Aging and Biological Age.

One unified measure, that analyzes your movement, heart rate and/or blood marker patterns, captured from your smartphone, wearables and/or uploaded blood tests.

My Circle

Grow a supportive health community, keep each other accountable and celebrate each other's progress.

Enhance both peer motivation and engagement in collective wellness goals, which leads to increased healthspan for all.

Privacy and Security

User data safety is paramount. Humanity’s offerings adhere to the highest standards of data privacy and security, ensuring all personally identifiable, and health, information is privacy preserving and handled with the utmost confidentiality and integrity.

Scientific Foundation

Built on a solid scientific foundation,Humanity’s offerings integrate cutting-edge research from the fields of longevity and data science to provide reliable and actionable health insights that are personalized based on what’s working for others like them.

Transparent Reporting

Maintain full visibility with transparent reporting and analytics that allow you to track the adoption of Humanity’s offerings alongside the efficacy of the wellness and initiatives being implemented, helping you to make informed decisions about your health and wellness programs and product offerings.

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