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Blood Tests

Cutting edge science

Analyzes movement patterns

Pulls movement sensor data, second by second, from smartphones and wearables in realtime and from the past.

Heart rate monitoring

Analyzes heart rate patterns, including HRV, resting heart rate and heart rate zones from most wearables.

Aging from every blood test

Biological Age measurement from as little as 4 blood markers from a broad panel of 60 common analytes.
analytes from blood testanalytes from blood test

More predictive and accessible

Our groundbreaking blood aging model published in Nature, in partnership with Imperial College London.

One unified measure

Giving end users a concrete feedback loop they can action to improve their health.

Turn every blood test into an aging measure

Increase average order value (AOV) and lifetime value (LTV).

Deliver personalized age reports

Enable your partners, customers and employees to take positive health actions and track their progress over time.

Platform agnostic, multiple use cases

Whether it’s enhancing your diagnostics offering or adding value to your subscription; Humanity Age API is customisable to your needs.

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